One of the most beautiful spa town of Hungary.

A settlement was here already in the prehistoric times, which is proven by pottery parts, bronze tools and other underground finds. Nowadays it is one of the most dynamically developing small towns in Western Transdanubia. Its most important tourist attraction is the world-famous spa and wellness bath, as well as the medieval castle with its surroundings, the historic buildings of the old town and the unique flora and fauna of the Arboretum. The “rowing lake” also has to be mentioned, which is formed by a system of interknitting lakes, the surface of which is nine hectares.

The rebuilt  spa and wellness center has been waiting for its guests since December 1, 2002. The building complex is expanded year after year and offering newer and newer services.

The increasing number of guests resulted in building hotels. Beyond that, the public parks and areas of the town, as well as the human infrastructure was further developed, its cultural life was enriched.

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